“Social Media is Great!…So Useful!….but, We are not still prepared”… Is that Fear of Social Media?

Social Media Fear

I decided to write about this after reading some discussion about companies which are still afraid of Social Media…I asked myself, until what point this was true…

So,   I   went to  explore   a  little  bit  by  myself  and I asked some colleagues in important companies if they were using Social Media, and most of them responded that Social Media was really important but you had to commit to that, assign resources and so on, thus they decided “as a wise decision” to postpone Social Media for the future!…After that, I refused, why? Why did not you assign resources now instead of later? And there was not answer to that….So; I concluded that, in fact, this behavior was  “Fear of Social Media”

An interesting article published by Forbes called “Big Companies aren’t Using Social Media for Customer Service” gave some impacting numbers related to this:

  1. Over 50% of the Fortune  500  companies  do  not  provide  their  Twitter or Facebook pages on their contact pages of their websites.
  2. 27% do  not  provide  the links to  their Twitter or Facebook profiles anywhere on their websites.

After seeing these results, I was astonished with this information especially because of the magnitude of these companies. So, I  decided  to  research  by  myself  and  I entered to the websites of the first 50 companies in the list of  the Fortune 500, and  for my surprise 36% of these websites did not give any link to any  Social Media Tool at all, even as a part of the contact page….IT IS AMAZING, ISN’T IT?

Now, why do large companies still fear of Social Media?


I have found many reasons for this, and I will describe them:

  1. Some managers still believe that Social Media is a trend, they have not realized that Social Media, does not matter the tool is the new way of communication, where the word “conversation” has become relevant with customers.
  2. Other consider that their customer do not use Social Media, however, most of the time these are assumptions that hide a lack of understanding about Social Media and  its  benefits  and   even a  lack of  confidence   about whether Social Media will  be beneficial for the brand.
  3. Some organizations consider Social Media a threat of security and privacy, and because of this they believe the best way to avoid this is to be way from that, but there is nothing further from the truth.

So, what can we do?

We, as the marketers of the new era, need to be agents of change!…we need to build the bridge between our companies  and  Social Media…but I know  this is  not an  easy  task!…

In the HBR Blog Network titled “Most Organizations Still Fear Social Media” there are a couple of useful advises that I would like to mention:

  1. The first one is to get some Executive Support, to convince someone in the executive team of the organization who is going to act as a sponsor of Social Media.
  2. The second one is to have a single implementation of Social Media but in an area that is highly sensitive to the organization e.g. employee health and safety. This strategy will create a positive awareness about Social Media and it will give the positive results and confidence the organization needs to start a full commitment in Social Media.

My conclusions, Social Media represents a change, A BIG ONE!…and as every change, it has stages of  transition, so  we need to move  forward  through  these stages and validate where our company is in order to design the best strategy to reach the end of this path and finally to implement Social Media, but most important, to believe in  this new  two-way of communication, in this conversation era with our customers.


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3 Responses to “Social Media is Great!…So Useful!….but, We are not still prepared”… Is that Fear of Social Media?

  1. mcnuggetsays says:

    Excellent post and I think you hit it on the head as far as why companies arent embracing social media yet. They are simply afraid! These companies make poor assumptions that their customers don’t use social media or that they cannot quantify the benefits. Can you imagine a company 50-60 years ago that said they didn’t believe in television advertising? Imagine how wrong many of those companies would be in todays day and age. People want to stay connected and that need for connectivity appears to be increasing very rapidly. In the future marketing on these social networks could very well surpass the marketing you see on television.

  2. michaelkaas says:

    It is very surprising that there are so many large companies that don’t use their social media platforms at all considering how big of a part it is in most of our lives. I definitely agree that it is a fear thing and the managers are just unwilling to allocate the resources to start a social media presence, but I do think that as more and more people study social media and its advantages in an academic setting that managers will begin to see the legitimacy of starting the program and the perception will change.

  3. heatherzocco says:

    I feel like I have been reading a lot about how some companies are regretting a late arrival into the social media world. As social media becomes a more popular tool for many different reasons, it is beginning to become the norm for organizations in all industries. This is making it clear which competitor stands out more when you are able to quickly judge its online presence. Industry leaders are coming out all over the place and thriving in a technology-driven, social media world. These leaders are moving forward with more advanced technologies and social media platforms while competitors are just learning how to log into Facebook.

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