Do you want to grow your small business?…Social Media is the way to do it!


The number of small businesses is growing and growing over the time, probably you have a small business or you are thinking right now about how to make the investment to establish one of those. There are multiple reasons why to have a small business, lower costs and more flexibility to response to the market dynamics are some of them. However, because of the number of small businesses in almost every industry, the competition is intensifying, thus small businesses need to be innovative and need to apply new strategies to attract customers and to become relevant to them.

So, in this path, Social Media appeared as an excellent channel for small businesses to reach customers, to connect with them and to start building positive relationships. Because of this, there are an increasing number of small businesses using SM, however, the way the strategy is applied it will ensure the effectiveness of this channel for these small businesses.

An article published by the Tire Business titled “Number of Small Businesses using SM doubled since 2008” indicates the following:

  •  75 percent of 500 small businesses have a company page on a social networking site;
  • 61 percent use social media for identifying and attracting new customers;
  • 57 percent have built a network through a site like LinkedIn; and
  • 45 percent expected social media to be profitable in the ensuing 12 months.

According to this, small businesses are realizing the limitless advantages of having a SM strategy and they are starting to move in this way.

Now, what are the advantages for small businesses of using SM?

small businesses

In an article published by Intuit Websites called “How Small Businesses Are Using Social Media”  it is stated that the main reasons for a small business to enter into the SM channel are:

  • It is Inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • Their customers use SM
  • The best way to connect with customer and to keep in touch in a regular basis

So, there are multiple reasons why a small business should start a SM strategy, however, it is important to avoid common mistakes, that can damage the image of the business and its objectives of grow.

What to avoid…

  1. Having a plan before starting with the strategy is one of the most valuable advices for small businesses or any one. SM should be established with clear and measurable objectives about what the business wants to reach and this should go beyond “to engage customers”.
  2. Being consistent is another important variable for small businesses when establishing this strategy, this will keep the message on target and it will make the difference in front of other small businesses.
  3. Finally, being a good listeners and say thanks to people are also key variables of success fro small business in their SM strategy.

In general, SM media is an excellent strategy for any company, however, due to its low costs compared with other communicational channels, impact on general public and its wide scope; definitely it is a strategy that any small business should use, it is the best was to create relationships and to engage with customers. So, small businesses have now the opportunity to have a most important role in the marketplace and to benefit with a lower cost channel strategy compared with the traditional ones.

So, Small businesses go for your SM strategy!. Do not be afraid!



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2 Responses to Do you want to grow your small business?…Social Media is the way to do it!

  1. lboutotte says:

    I absolutely agree with your points about what to avoid when using social media. It’s extremely difficult to become successful if you don’t have a plan. That’s just a recipe for disaster. Your statistics were kind of shocking, because you’d figure that it would be the norm for all businesses to use social media, since it’s such a proven business booster, but only 75 percent use it. I think using Facebook alone with yield great results, because that’s one of the best ways to find out what your customers are saying about you.

    An example I can think of with this is with a local restaurant called the Rye and Thyme. I’m a big fan of craft beer, as is my boyfriend, and we found out about it due to a friend of ours liking their page on Facebook, as well as another friend advertising a karaoke night there. It paid off because the food is delicious and there were beers neither of us had tried before on the menu.

  2. kheng22 says:

    Liliana, thanks for sharing this post. You’ve highlighted and shared many positive aspects of Social Media and how it can really catapult small businesses. Especially in a time where businesses are looking to cut cost, by means of the channel. business owners can take advantage of this channel if they can correctly harness/utilize it. With the proper strategy, Social Media opens up so many opportunities for businesses.

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